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Wordpress saviours!

Wordpress saviours!

We are honouring ourselves here at Penny Web. Of late WordPress has been growing increasing bulkier and demanding higher server resources which in turn slow sites and page speed scores.

"Google is now ranking all sites first as a mobile site and then as a desktop site!"

Google has updated their ranking policy & algorithm, and if your site is both slow on a mobile and not mobile optimised you will sadly be thrown down the rankings. This poses a massive threat for our clients so we have spent the last 8 weeks developing and testing our WordPress sites and we are proud to say we have devised a software, server, caching system that gives all WordPress users at a super fast website!

"Customers of ours that have chosen to be optimised have seen site speeds increase over 1,000%!"

Customers of ours that have chosen to be optimised have seen site speeds increase over 1,000%! So how do we do it I hear? We have a rather simple process:

  • Upgrade your site to our SSD, uncapped and fully optimised dedicated server
  • Set you up on our industry leading update & security API
  • Scan your site for malware
  • Optimise your website files
  • Optimise your images
  • Install premium caching software
  • Configure site and caching variables
  • Improve website databases
  • Select up to date PHP version
  • Correctly configure file caching and your .htaccess file
  • Test and deliver exceptional results!

Please see results below from an e-commerce customer.




wordpress google


That is a load time saving of 55.4 secounds!

Contact us today to see how we can help you!



Five digital marketing trends that may disrupt your business

Five digital marketing trends that may disrupt your business

digital marketing main

The world of digital marketing does not stand still; as trends emerge, it is becoming very clear that brands need to evolve to react to them or risk facing disruption. This is a harsh, competitive arena in which only those who stay ahead of the game stand to survive for the long haul. Here are five trends that are sure to disrupt your business if you do not get on board.

1. Automation

Marketing automation is fast becoming a necessity for managing customer journeys, with brands that use advanced and sophisticated techniques most likely to succeed. Businesses of all sizes are now developing complex and sustained customer engagement with marketing automation.

2. Influencer marketing

Increasingly, it is not only about offering content marketing but also about who is providing it. Respected niche bloggers with an army of followers are the new breed of influencers in marketing, helping to boost awareness, brand loyalty and credibility. Savvy businesses are willing to pay top dollar for sought-after bloggers who have the power to get their brand noticed.

3. Global marketing

Single country marketing is facing extinction as more businesses recognise the need to operate on a global level. This means tailoring marketing strategies and a website with country-specific data, calls to action and landing pages. Expertise is required to successfully achieve this, making it a good idea to consult a professional service that offers web design in South Devon, such as

4. Data and analytics

To survive, marketers now need to put on their
'data scientist' hats. Campaigns need to focus on the use of real-time data and customer analytics if they are to make an impact. With data becoming more fluid, accessible and dynamic, businesses can fine-tune their campaigns, become more responsive in their approach, and offer messaging optimisation. Making use of data helps businesses to better understand their customers, enabling them to tailor their marketing campaigns to meet precise requirements.

5. Crowd-sourced content

Experts believe that branded content is losing impact as content saturation meets a critical boiling point. While content is still king, it is the content that is generated by consumers, or crowd-sourced means, that will grab respect and attention. Customer-generated content will play an increasingly important role for every brand, especially when used organically and within the realms of social media.

Week of ALL weeks!

Week of ALL weeks!

The week of ALL weeks!

Phew, what can I say, the last 16 days have been the busiest of my entire life! iGOweb has gone through so much change and improvements that I hardly even recognize it.

We have gone through a server set up, entire server migration, Trading Standards examination, emergency website deadlines, emergency email installations, account retrieval for new clients, Acronis backup set up and so much more. Very much looking forward to my birthday weekend now and some time to cool my brain.

New team member

Please welcome our new team member James. He joined with us a couple of weeks ago and is currently studying at Plymouth University and helping us with our expansion into online hosting. You may not see much of him as he is working on a special project with us at the moment but if you do be sure to say hi.

View his profile at:                           http://www.igoweb.co.uk/our-team

This weeks new clients

On top of everything else this week we were also able to welcome three new clients to the iGOweb family. Be sure to check out their new websites.
Elite Telecoms                                   http://www.elitetelecoms.com
Riverside Landscapes                     http://www.riverside-landscapes.co.uk
Dixons Devon                                    Site coming in two days!
All three will be added to our portfolio page shortly, check back soon.

Our new server

Due to suppliers letting us down once again, we have decided to bite the bullet and get our own dedicated server, at a pricey tune of £11,500 it wasn’t a decision to take light heartedly.  However, we couldn’t be happier, our new SuperMicro server is proving a massive hit with our customers with rapid site speeds and full server control being left in our hands. Never again we will be let down.

Site migrations complete

All of our websites have now been migrated with the majority coming across without a hitch. Those that needed new server settings have been contacted and their emails are now up and running.

Buy With Confidence Scheme

During the chaos over the last week, we even had a visit from Trading Standards, we have applied to become trading standards approved with the ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme. We are now going through the last hurdle and hope to be awarded in the next week or two. Buy With Confidence proves to our existing and new customers that we are committed to you and helping your business grow with unparalleled support.

Cloud backup platform set up

We can now offer automated cloud backups for our customers to our new online backup platform. Each night your employee’s workstations will be automatically backed up to our cloud platform. In case of local disaster to your work premises we can then download all of your files onto your new system. Get in touch today if you want to find out more.

week of all main

Thank you all for your patience the last two weeks and I hope to see you soon!

Bye for now.

Server Independence Day! We have a new dedicated server.

Server Independence Day! We have a new dedicated server.

Time for full independence!

With everything else that has happened for iGOweb this year already, this is just another boost for us and our customers. We have now upgraded our server and bought our very own dedicated unit to be installed in the capital. Our server is currently being installed in London as I type and the engineers have informed I can start migrating my customers over tonight!

Times have never been so exciting for us.

Those of you that are already on our igohost nameservers will not have any issues with your site or emails. Those of you that are not yet on these servers will be contacted individually to let you know what is going on, but no dramas.

So what have we bought?

iGOweb has bought a very powerful server that can easily hold 300 busy websites! With such a rapid expansion in our hosting and SSL side of the business we have had to upgrade to accommodate our growth and the needs of our customers.

Being hosted directly with us on our shiny new iGOweb server means your website will not be capped or throttled or slowed down in any way. In fact we are putting in a 1Gbps, yes per second line. Crazy!

Continually looking after our iGOweb family.

For you geeks out there like us here is the specification of our new server:

Dedicated Server
Operating System: CentOS 7 (x86_64)
Control Panel: cPanel/WHM (Unlimited Domains)
Backup Storage: Idera Server Backup Enterprise (50 GB)
Monitoring with alerts: Yes
Chassis: Supermicro
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Primary Disk: 1000 GB (1 TB)
Management Card: Supermicro IPMI
Connectivity: 1 Gbps

More Local dedicated support

Our support team is changing as well, you will have us here at iGOweb in Newton Abbot, dedicated server engineers/managers in Cornwall and server engineers on site in London as well to ensure your website is looked after with the best possible team, care and attention.

Any questions or if you would like to know more then please get in touch with us J we are always here to help.

server igoweb

Services coming soon: hosting reselling for the tech professional.

iGOweb is now a member of FSB

iGOweb is now a member of FSB

We are very excited to announce that we are now part of Federation of Small Business or the FSB in short. Being a member of such an organisation entitles us to financial support, legal services and professional advice that we need to smooth our current expansion.

This in turn will give us the tools we need to further support you, our much valued customer and also ensures our continuity in this web site and hosting industry.

There are many other accreditations we are currently joining and awaiting certification such as the ‘Buy With Confidence’ scheme.

Along with the Microsoft Partner Programs, January is shaping up to being a very successful and productive month.

Updates to follow.

To our iGOweb family.

Microsoft Partner Network

Now Providing Office 365

iGOweb has some very exciting news! We are now part of the Microsoft Partner Network meaning we can now provide a vast range of Microsoft business products with local support for our clients.

Office 365

At the moment, we are rolling out Office 365 email accounts and Office accounts for all of current customers. The new Office 365 allows you to have the most up to date Microsoft Office including Word, Outlook, Excel and much more with professional exchange email accounts.

You email account will now sync fully with your PC device, mobile and tablet simultaneously. Making your business more mobile and accessible.

Please get in touch if you would to join the revolution of Office 365.

Office: 01626 201212

Email: 07801 933947

New Website for iGOweb

New Website for iGOweb

We are extremely proud to show off our new website, completely custom coded with the latest CSS on the latest responsive framework available.

As our main clients know the last 4 months for iGOweb have been a whirlwind of emotion and new work.

We have now fully separated from our parent company, bought a new SSD powered server, had an influx of new clients and more importantly been redeveloping some of the most popular websites of South Devon.

Be sure to have a look around the site, we know you will love it and if you have any questions please get in touch.

iGOweb and team.

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